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February 4, 2022 2023-09-21 13:44

Getting started with Tuma

Tuma allows you to make instant, affordable money transfers from Canada to 10+ countries in Africa and Asia using any mobile device at your disposal i.e., mobile, tablet, or computer. We offer the best rates at an affordable fee. Using the Tuma web and mobile app, you can quickly send funds using Interac to mobile wallets and bank accounts.

What Services does Tuma Offer?

Tuma Offers:

  1. Bank Transfers
  2. Mobile Wallet (Mobile Money Transfers)
How can I pay for my transfer?

Debit, Visa

Where can I send money from/to?

Tuma allows you to send money to over 10+ countries. The services available to you depend on the country you are sending to i.e., the “Destination Country”.Tuma allows you to make instant, affordable money transfers from Canada to more than 10+ countries in Africa and Asia. Using our web and mobile app, you can quickly send funds from Debit or Visa cards. Please see our “Destination” countries list for more details.

How much can I send?

The maximum amount you can send depends on the country you are registered in. If you would like your limit to be increased, please click the “Request to Increase Limit’ option in the app and your request will be processed promptly.

How long will it take for the money to arrive?

In most cases, the money is available in minutes. You will see the expected delivery time. Although we aim to complete transfers within that timeframe, some transfers do take a while depending on several reasons.

  1. The amount of money being received.
  2. Payment Confirmation from our partners
  3. KYC Identity Checks from our partners (Sometimes, incorrectly entered information may delay the transaction). You are welcome to track the progress of your transaction within our app.
Why do you need a mobile phone number for my recipient?

The recipient’s mobile number is used to notify them when the transaction is in progress and upon completion. Both the sender and recipient are notified once the transaction is complete. In addition, for senders who are sending money to a mobile wallet, this is the number that must be linked to their mobile money account.

Why do I need to supply identification?

Checking identification is required by law. On signing up, you need to provide a government-issued ID for verification.


How does the SMS Login work?

If you have an SMS Login set up, you will receive SMS verification code to your mobile via text anytime you log into TUMA. This two-factor authentication is available to provide an extra layer of security for all TUMA accounts. This is automatically activated once you create a TUMA account.

How do I know that my funds are safe?

We are a licensed money sending business in every country we operate in and do not hold any money in our bank accounts. Once a transaction is initiated, the money is automatically transferred to the recipient.

How secure is TUMA?

Tuma prides itself by putting customers first. We aim to please, protect and take the security of our customer’s data very seriously. As soon as data is collected into our application, it is encrypted and stored safely.



What information do I need to enter for the Recipient to send money?
Please make sure you verify the beneficiary’s information before you click “SEND”. You will need the recipient’s full name, Mobile number (for mobile wallets) and BANK info (if this option is available for the “Destination” country).
What are MTN and AIRTEL’s Limits?

When sending money to Uganda to mobile money accounts, they are guidelines we must follow. The maximum limits set by MTN and AIRTEL is a recipient can only receive up to 4,000,000 UGX per transfer. Secondly, no MTN or Airtel account can hold more than 5,000,000 UGX at one time. If your recipient’s wallet has reached its maximum, you will need to get in touch with them and ask them to withdraw from their account. Thereafter, you may let us know such that we can retry the transaction.

How long do refunds take?

Refunds can take up to 10 business days depending on your bank’s relationship with our Credit Card Processors. If you would like us to process a refund, please reach out to our support team at your earliest convenience and we will get it sorted right away.